Here at Modern Wisdom we offer a revolutionary training package that delivers profound insights into human nature as it applies to business and interpersonal relations. We create a safe space where individuals can join together with a common purpose and facilitate the break-throughs required for individuals and teams to live in harmony and excel in their private and professional lives.

We envision a world in which going to work is something that is enjoyable, where teams are connected and feel that they are working towards something that is meaningful to them. We spend 60% of our lives at work..

Modern Wisdom’s training can be understood simply. What we do is help others to understand and align to the natural principles that govern their thinking, emotions and behaviour. We remove obstacles and build pathways to interpersonal and organisational success.

How do we do this?

Here at Modern Wisdom, we think in terms of systems.

Using systems thinking combined with the NeuroPowerâ„¢ framework which maps human consciousness, we can see the optimum condition for the human brain, as well as identify the types sub-optimal conditions we can become stuck in as humans. What we do is help to navigate from and providing a map for integrating the unintegrated intelligences.

To participate in a Modern Wisdom training day is a fun, insightful and engaging experience. You can expect to have open conversation with a diverse cast of individuals. You will be guided through  understanding complex information in a light-hearted, easy-to-understand way.

(*Make it clear that it’s equally accessible to anybody from any education level or age*)

How will this impact you?

As an Employee and Team Member?
Modern Wisdom’s training and coaching offerings will give you skills, insights and strategies that will allow the individual to understand their own personal psychology at a deeper level, to better understand the individuals

As a Team Leader?
For leaders, an understanding into how to create and sustain a high performance team that is resilient, collaborative and driven, with the appropriate balance between organisational goal-driven behavior and communal interpersonal connection. We will give you the tools to succeed so you can feel confident and in control as you navigate the challenges that are presented daily
– How to get the best out of your team while minimizing conflict
– How to better navigate team conflict when it arises

For Organisations
Modern Wisdom has demonstrated the ability to make profound shifts in the culture of an organization in a matter of months. By understanding the cognitive basis for individuals behaviour we help to unify teams by allowing each individual to express their personal wisdom and insight about what they see, and use this openness to foster a sense of community and common vision that heals organisational conflict and disharmony, provides a sense of shared clarity and objectives, and empowers individuals in the organisation with the drive and energy to succeed.

For Business Owners and Executive Leadership
Modern Wisdom can help to train individuals and teams at every level of your organisation to increase the congruency of your organisation. We also provide advanced level training.
Your team will achieve results that you never thought were possible with far less resistance simply by understanding the cognitive needs of your organisation and the individuals in it.

For everyone

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Heres how you can get involved

For Individuals

We challenge you to join us at our next Foundational Training session where we can help you to become more effective in your private and professional life. We will give you a renewed perspective on life that will allow you to be more intimate with those closest to you and a sense of satisfaction and peace. In your professional life we will give you the tools to understand yourself better and to be more effective.

For Small Business
We provide training for emloyees & leadership

Coaching (send a link to a coaching page, with a bit of info on it and a ‘squeeze’ to capture their information to be registered as a lead and followed up on)

For Organisations
We encourage you to visit our current projects page to witness for yourself the transformations that take place with use of the NeuroPowerâ„¢ framework through Modern Wisdom.

Dedicated to your success,
Modern Wisdom